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E-WERF Amsterdam

Shipyard on a perfect location in Amsterdam. Specialized in electrical boat propulsion and the go-to place for an electric refit of your sloop.

A full day without recharing your Green Marine battery pack

Specialized in electric propulsion

Certified technology from Green Marine Motors

Solution for any size sloop

No worries about maintenance of your Green Marine motor

Great service

E-WERF builds boats

E-WERF is a shipyard in Amsterdam with one of its core activities the conversion of existing, traditionally powered, boats to electric propulsion. There is a great ambition here and this is also in line with the intention of the municipality of Amsterdam to make all movement on the water emission-free from 2025.




Get in touch with E-WERF

Contact E-WERF directly or through us. We are the technology specialists, E-WERF performs the installation and after-care for your electric boat.

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