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Electrical cruising in Amsterdam

Looking to go electric with your boat? Check out our motor systems and book an appointment for a refit with our partner E-Werf. You'll be ready for 2025 in no-time.

A full day without recharing your Green Marine battery pack

A full day without recharging

Be ready for 2025

No worries about maintenance of your Green Marine motor


Unleash the power of an electric boat motor

For every type of boat we have an inboard solution. Do you have a sloop of 6 meter or a touring boat of 14 meters long? Don't worry, we've got you covered.

4 kW

Perfect for the smaller leisure or rental boat. Enjoy the water in silence, without disturbing the nature around you.

8.5 kW

More than enough power for boats of 4-9 meters long. Perfect for sloops or medium-sized rental boats.

17.5 kW

This can easily replace a 60 horse power diesel engine. Powerful enough for a motorboat or big sloop.

22 kW

A motor for real powerhouses. Think small tugboats and ferries: these can easily power boats weighing up to 30 tons.

Inboard Motors

Installation & service by E-Werf Amsterdam

The go-to place for electrical cruising in Amsterdam. Check out their website for more information and prices for a refit.

icon 24/7 performance electric boat engine

Made for 24/7 performance

icon efficient energy usage boat motor

Efficient energy usage

icon fits any boat

Fit for any boat or use

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