Feel the joy of
electric boat propulsion

With a Green Marine electric boat motor, you too can enjoy the power and deafening silence of electrical boating.

A full day without recharing your Green Marine battery pack

A full day without recharging

Certified technology from Green Marine Motors

Certified technology built for
24/7 performance

No worries about maintenance of your Green Marine motor


Unleash the power of an electric boat motor

The industry-grade Green Marine electric boat motor is built for power and performance. With its combination of robust design, clever use of materials and innovative direct-drive technology, our electric motor delivers up to 3.5 times more torque than other electric boat motors.


Good for the world, good for your wallet.

No more trips to the gas station. The standard Green Marine battery pack promises a full day of care-free cruising. Let us help you find the right motor and battery combination most suited to your needs.

Personal service, tailored to your needs

Our personal approach promises a hassle-free experience and a Green Marine motor tailored to your needs. The combination of Dutch design, German manufacturing, and our collaboration with specialized dealers is built to last: that’s the Green Marine guarantee.


About Green Marine Motors

Green Marine Motors was founded on the belief that boats need to go electric, and fast. Our world cannot sustain the rate at which we use fossil-fuels. We’re here to show you that you can contribute to a clean and sustainable world, without compromising on performance and fun. Join our green revolution and go electric.

icon 24/7 performance electric boat engine

Made for 24/7 performance

icon efficient energy usage boat motor

Efficient energy usage

icon fits any boat

Fit for any boat or use