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Powerful electric boat propulsion

With a Green Marine electric marine motor you contribute to a cleaner world, without compromising on fun and performance.

Receive a 100% free and personalized offer tailored to your boating needs.

Green Marine electric boat propulsion is



Designed for industry-grade quality, high-torque and optimal performance



Not only efficiënt in energy but durable with 5 years of warranty and no maintenance needed.



Cruising should be fun and care-free. All our components are optimized towards these ends.

Compose your Green Marine propulsion system

We'll help you pick the right electric propulsion system tailored to your boat, needs and budget.

Step 1. Motor


Step 2. Battery


Step 3. Accessories


Others that have a Green Marine electric motor in their boat say this


(5 stars)

Very happy with the conversion of our petrol engine to a fully electric drive from Green Marine. Good after-sales service even after the purchase. I really liked direct and personal contact. From the installation process to update & upgrade work 2 years later, always just as fast response and follow-up.

Juraj Kordic

Sailboat Rudder

(5 stars)

We bought our electric motor and li-ion battery here to install in our 'tuindersvlet'. Green Marine thought along with us and has good quality products. They also arranged an address where we could have the motor installed.

Fokko van de Koppel


(5 stars)

Do not hesitate. The best service and the best electric motors for on the water. I have been converting my boat for six months now. With a green marine 17.5 kW 48 volt motor. What a luxury compared to my old diesel. The immediacy of the forwards and backwards. The smooth power transfer. No water cooling. All reasons to choose green marine. In my opinion they are way ahead of the competition. The Tesla among boat engines. But with German reliability. Not to mention the service. Just old-fashioned good. Thank you . Daan and Green Marine you are doing a fantastic job.

Guido Berensen

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Start with electric boating

We're happy to help you find the best electric propulsion system for your needs.

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