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Complete your Green Marine electric propulsion system with high quality accessories.

GM Thrust lever

This one is included by default. Our Green Marine electric boat motors come with our own proprietary thrust lever, built for ease-of-use. Unlike with diesel engines, you can pull the lever and go from forwards to full throttle backwards instantly.


This lever is also IP67-certified. Just plug in the attached cable and you’re ready to go. It’s as easy as that.

Our thrust lever can be used in a top mount or side mount setup.



We have multiple display options available like our own 3.5 inch display with built-in GPS. But you can also equip your boat with the Raymarine Axiom+ displays or options from Victron.


Motor mounts

Motor mounts are critical components that secure the motor to the structure of the boat, reducing vibrations and ensuring stable operation. They are designed to absorb the rotational and vibrational forces produced by the motor, providing a smoother boating experience.


Python drive

The Python Drive is our most-used solution to connect the electric motor to the propeller shaft. It's a versatile solution that's both durable and robust.

Python Drive for Green Marine electric motor

Battery accessories

To complete your battery setup Green Marine offers a wide range of accessories like battery monitors, chargers and inverters.


We work with specialized partners to offer you boat propellers perfectly fitted to your boat and Green Marine electric propulsion system. Electric boating is different than traditional propulsion, so in some cases you'll need a new propeller to optimize your system for optimal performance.

Boat Cleaning

Start with electric boating

We're happy to help you find the best electric propulsion system for your needs.

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