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The Green Marine battery

Our lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) is designed for high discharge and optimized for durability. Its integrated battery management system (BMS) protects the battery for long cycle life and increased safety. A perfect partner for your Green Marine electric motor.

lithium boat battery green marine sideview
lithium boat battery green marine sideview

Our lithium boat battery in a nutshell

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With 3000 charge cycles you can enjoy your lithium battery for a long time - together with your electric motor.

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Lithium is a multitude lighter than lead batteries which makes the boat lighter and that is beneficial for optimizing boat performance.

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Easy to install

Our batteries can be easily installed in parallel to easily increase your battery capacity and have a pack fit for any boat.

The Green Marine Battery is designed for use in high-demanding boating and versatile enough for the various kind of leisure boats.

Battery type

We work with lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) due to its high energy density, long lifetime and increased safety in comparison to other lithium battery technologies. Additionally, LiFePO4 does not contain cobalt.

Battery capacity

The GM batteries have a standard capacity of 100 Ah and are available in a 51.2V (16s) option or a 57.6 (18s) option. The packs can be connected in parallel to obtain higher capacities for a broad range of boating needs.



Integrated BMS


100 Ah

5.1 kWh

Battery (dis)charge

Battery durability

gm lithium boat battery vertical

The Green Marine battery allows for a whooping 2.5C discharge rate. Maximum charge rates are 1C in order to be able to fully charge the battery in one hour. To optimize durability it is advised for all LiFePO4 batteries to do regular charging at a maximum rate of 0.5C. Combine your battery with a GM charger for the best charging performance.

Due to the battery technology and design the battery has a cycle life of 3000 cycles at 80% depth-of-discharge. The integrated BMS monitors the battery state-of-health and balances individual cells to increase durability.




80% DoD

Custom battery options

We offer other battery options as well like lead acid, AGM, lead carbon or different lithium technologies. We're happy to offer our expertise to find the best battery solution for your needs.

custom battery options example
Victron BMV-712 smart battery monitor

Battery accessories

To complete your battery setup Green Marine offers a wide range of accessories like battery monitors, chargers and inverters.

Found the battery system for your boat?

Then it's time for the next step: to check out your accessories.

Step 1. Motor

Electric motor Green Marine front

Step 2. Battery

battery green marine front left

Step 3. Accessories

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Battery specifications

5 years (70% DoD)
CANbus & Bluetooth
ABS: non-conductive, impact and heat resistant plastic
<3% per month
Battery life
3000 cycles at 80% DoD
Parallel connection
Up to 16
Series connection
Not allowed
43 kg
520x269x220 mm
Max. charge
1C (0.1-0.5C recommended)
Max. discharge
Nominal voltage
100 Ah (5120 Wh)

Start with electric boating

We're happy to help you find the best electric propulsion system for your needs.

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