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Custom electric solutions

Not every boat or project can be fitted with a standardized propulsion solution. That's why we're here to help you with your custom propulsion needs, in both project guidance, subsidy trajectories, and technical implementation of the solution.

Electric propulsion for custom projects in a nutshell

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A custom project offers the same powerful electric propulsion as our standard solutions. They are designed for industry-grade quality, high-torque and optimal performance.

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All components we use are designed towards efficiency, both in energy as in maintenance and use.

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One of our core values is collaboration, that's why we love doing these custom projects. By working together and combining our shared expertise, magic happens and we push electric propulsion forward into the future.

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Green Marine helps you realize your electric or hybrid marine projects - every step of the way

Project guidance

Our project guidance offers expert assistance, from concept to execution, ensuring your electric propulsion endeavors navigate the waters of innovation seamlessly. Let us power your journey to a cleaner, more efficient future.

Subsidy applications

Unlock the potential of your electric propulsion dreams with our subsidy application guidance. From navigating complex paperwork to maximizing available incentives, our experts are here to propel your project forward. Seize the opportunity for financial support and make your sustainable vision a reality.

Technical implementation

Technical consulting

Elevate your electric propulsion project with our technical implementation support. Our seasoned experts guide you through every technical detail, from system integration to troubleshooting, ensuring a seamless and efficient implementation. Let us empower your project with the technical prowess needed for a smooth voyage into the future of propulsion.

Navigate the complexities of electric propulsion confidently with our technical consulting services. Whether you're conceptualizing a project, seeking optimization strategies, or troubleshooting, our experts provide tailored insights. Propel your vision forward with precision and expertise, ensuring your journey in electric propulsion is both efficient and innovative.

Green Marine services a wide range of boats and projects - below you see a selection of the type of projects we've worked on.

Work boats

We collaborated in work boat projects with a large range of functions. For example ferries, boats for dredging out canals, and tugboats. Every use requires a different type of solution and integration with the other board equipment, like hydraulics.



Larger sailing ships

In the Netherlands we have a long and strong tradition in sailing. We still have a large fleet of beautiful old sailing ships that we are happy to help in electrifying their propulsion so that these ships can be enjoyed for a long time, without the emission from the combustion engine. With the electric motor - one can enjoy the silence of the sailing even when there is no wind.

Did you know that Green Marine propulsion systems allow for regeneration of electricity when you are sailing?

New boat designs

Are you developing a new boat concept? We are happy to work with you from the start of your idea until finalization of the boat. We have worked with numerous boat designers and entrepreneurs to realize their dream for a new boat.


Hybrid propulsion

Do you want a longer boating time? Or generate electricity on board with solar or wind energy. Or fit in an electric motor for lower power so that you can still go full throttle with your diesel engine? Then view the possibilities for a hybrid solution from Green Marine.

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Start with electric boating

We're happy to help you find the best electric propulsion system for your needs.

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