Inboard electric boat motor from Green Marine Motors

Dutch design combined with German manufacturing. Our electric boat motor promises emission-free boating with zero compromises.

Breathtakingly powerful

Efficient energy usage

Fit for any boat or use

Unleash the power of our electrical boat motor

The Green Marine electric boat motor uses innovative technology to produce up to 3.5 times more torque than other motors with the same power output, while operating at a safe 48 volts. This means instant, efficient power delivery.


Our strongest boat motor can produce a staggering 300 Nm of torque, outperforming large boat motors with a 100 hp.

Gradient Ocean

Efficient energy usage

Our Green Marine electric boat motor uses innovative direct-drive technology to limit internal resistance for optimal power delivery. When compared to a standard electric boat motor, our motor produces the same power with 30% less energy usage.


Perfect for any boat

Due to the adjustable stainless-steel frame, the Green Marine electric boat motor can be mounted on almost every existing engine foundation. These motors are designed to work together with any propellor shaft for optimal power delivery. Everyone can go green!


4 kW

Perfect for the smaller leisure or rental boat. Enjoy the water in silence, without disturbing the nature around you.

Always a motor tailored to your needs

The Green Marine electric boat motor comes in many shapes and sizes, but always minimum IP56-certified. Professional or leisure, sea or inland waters, we’ll make sure you get the right fit.

8.5 kW

More than enough power for boats of 4-9 meters long. Perfect for sloops or medium-sized rental boats.

17.5 kW

This can easily replace a 60 horse power diesel engine. Powerful enough for a motorboat or big sloop.

22 kW

A motor for real powerhouses. Think small tugboats and ferries: these can easily power boats weighing over 30 tons.


We do custom built-ins for a wide range of uses. From tour boats to tugboats. You name it, we build it.

Tube Lights

A battery that’s right for you

The standard Green Marine battery pack will keep you going for the whole day before recharging.

Different types of batteries and pack sizes are available and will be part of finding your perfect match.


Intuitive system controller

Every Green Marine electric boat motor is fitted with an intuitive controller, the heart of your electric boat system. This smart machine also guards your motor, making sure it doesn’t overheat.


It also has a built-in kill-switch for when the propellor catches on something. The controller unit is IP67-certified, which promises a durable, water-resistant set-up.


Proprietary thrust lever

Our Green Marine electric boat motors come with our own proprietary thrust lever, built for ease-of-use. Unlike with diesel engines, you can pull the lever and go from forwards to full throttle backwards instantly.


Like the controller, this lever is also IP67-certified. Just plug in the attached cable and you’re ready to go. It’s as easy as that.


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