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Hybrid boat propulsion

Increase your boating range, charge your batteries with renewable energy or use an electric motor for quiet and slow boating on your speed boat - we have a hybrid setup for your needs.

Hybrid boat propulsion system

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Hybrid boat propulsion in a nutshell

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Hybrid boat propulsion always leads to a more efficient solution, whether you charge through renewable energy, use a diesel generator or have a secondary electric motor on board.

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Extended range

For shorter journeys or when quiet operation is desired, electric mode can be utilized. For longer voyages or when faster speeds are needed, the diesel engine can take over ensuring the boat doesn't run out of power in the middle of a trip.

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Hybrid boating leads to a quieter, more serene boating experience, especially beneficial in calm waters or protected marine areas where noise can be disruptive to wildlife.

Hybrid boating with a generator

Our most requested hybrid solution in order to extend the standard boating range from your batteries. Often a diesel generator is used as a back-up so you rid yourself of range anxiety. We use the inverter/charger solutions from Victron to be able to charge the batteries from both shore power and the diesel generator.

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Hybrid boating with renewable energy

Whether you want to use on board solar panels, a wind turbine or regeneration through your propeller when sailing, we support you. We have the solution to charge your main battery pack with these renewables. Boating directly on solar or wind power is nearly impossible, but you could charge your battery during the week and then cruise with a fully charged battery during the weekend or just use renewables to extend your boating range.




Electric motor next to the diesel engine

For some type of boats, like speed boats, complete electric propulsion is still challenging due to the high energy usage. Therefore, for these boats a second electric motor used for slow boating could be a good solution. The diesel engine is then only used for high power outputs at high speeds.

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Custom solutions

Do you need a broader solution or custom engineering to electrify your vessel? We've got you covered. Green Marine has a deep expertise in electric boating and works with renowned partners. Contact us with your needs and we'll be happy to work together.

Start with electric boating

We're happy to help you find the best electric propulsion system for your needs.

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