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Electrify your tender with Green Marine

Green Marine has the perfect match for your tender. The propulsion system has a 5 year warranty, will be designed for you to never run out of electricity, and is powerful as you have never experienced. We designed it to just work, it is as good as maintenance free and will last you for a lifetime.

Receive a 100% free and personalized offer tailored to your boating needs.

This is why you'd want our electric motor in your tender

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Up to 3 times more torque than our competitors: maneuvering was never this easy with the full torque already available at low speeds.

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Zero emissions, no nasty exhaust gases, and silent propulsion so you can enjoy your surroundings and your company even more.

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Fun, all day long

Cruising should be fun and care-free. That's why we pick the battery pack in such a way that you can use the boat as long as you want, without range-anxiety.

What electric motor do you need for your tender?

Based on the length and the weight of your tender, and the boating time, we will design a personalized propulsion system for your tender. But with the steps below you can already get a good idea on what you'll need for your tender.

Find the electric motor for your tender

Up to 6 meters &
2 tonnes

From 6 to 10 meters &
up to 5 tonnes

Over 10 meters &
over 5 tonnes

Electric motor Green Marine front

Our 5 kW motor will be the best choice for you.


Our 8.5 kW or 10 kW motor is the choice for your tender.

_MG_6357 kopie_edited.jpg

The 17.5 kW or 22 kW motor would be perfect for you.

Batteries for a full day of boating

We'll make an analysis of your energy need for a full day of boating and offer a tailored battery solution. Our lithium battery can be connected in parallel to easily extend the capacity. But think of just one battery for the 5 kW and up to five for the 22 kW motor.

battery green marine front left
battery green marine front left

And then finally, choose how you want to monitor the system:

display green marine front right

A handy battery monitor from Victron which you can connect to your phone through Bluetooth.

With our own 3.5" display you have the perfect tool to monitor your motor system and see the status of the battery with.

With a Raymarine display you'll never get lost through their interactive maps.

We believe in a personal approach. Tell us about your needs and we'll create a tailored offer. No strings attached.

We're there for you

Before installation

A new propulsion system for your boat is an investment for the future. To make sure you get the best bang for your buck, we'll do everything to find the best system for your preferences. Based on your situation we'll do a site visit, you can test our system on one of our demo boats, and we'll of course answer any question you have along the way.


For the installation of the electric motor for your tender we can either link you to a technician out of our network, work together with you trusted boat technician so you can keep working with the same party, or help you install the system yourself in exceptional situations.


We believe that your electric motor should just work. That's why we work with the highest quality components and our system doesn't need extensive maintenance to keep working. We believe you can enjoy our system for a long time, and therefore we give you a warranty of 5 years.

During the lifetime

We've designed the system in order to work for years without any hiccups. But for the occasion that something does happen, you can count on us. Just contact Green Marine and we'll make sure you are boating again in no-time. We'll link you with a technician out of our partnernetwork or one of our own technicians will help you on your way.

Others that have a Green Marine electric motor in their tender say this


(5 stars)

Top electric motor with years of warranty. Super nice, fast and personal contact with Green Marine. Received good and honest advice, they are very helpful and cooperative! First we made a trial run and, following their advice, we bought the right motor with battery pack. In addition, Green Marine linked us to one of the partner mechanics, where we also received excellent help. This all worked perfectly! Really top quality and service!!!

Maxime van der Sloot

Craftmanships Boats

(5 stars)

Marijn Peters

Craftmanship Boats

Green Marine is the partner if you are looking for high-quality, reliable electrification of your boat. They not only supply top-quality motors and battery packs. Their service is also of a high standard. So are you looking for a Dutch club where you can confidently outsource the electric drive of your boat? Search no longer go for Green Marine!


(5 stars)

Always good experiences with Green Marine and personal service!

Dedmer Taekema
Van Plaggen Boats


(5 stars)

Reliable party, they're always available for questions. We have three lithium batteries and can easily boat all day. Highly recommended!

Miliaan Zwolle

Questions about going electric with a tender

How long can I boat with an electric motor in my tender?

In short: as long as you want. Based on the length, the width, the duration and the type of waters you boat in, we determine how much energy you'll need. We fit the battery pack based on these preferences. In the case you incidentally need more energy, we can fit a generator on board so that you never need to worry about your range.

Can I charge with normal shore power?

Yes, the charger we fit is compatible with a normal shore power connection.

Is an electric motor just as reliable as a diesel engine?

Just as? We'd say way more reliable. Our electric motor is maintenance free, so robust that it can be used for heavy-duty work, and really powerful as well. It will last you longer than a diesel engine, and cost less over its lifetime.

Why would I go electric?

Super powerful maneuvering, silent boating, no exhaust gases, almost no maintenance, better handling of the boat, and we can keep going with benefits. But if you tell us your situation we can be more precise on how it would benefit you.

Is the electric motor air-cooled?

It can be. Based on your boat, and the location of the motor in the boat we'll fit the motor that is best. Every motor and controller can be water-cooled as well.

Who is installing the electric motor in my tender?

That is up to you. We can match you with a technician out of our network of installers. Often your trusted boat technician can do the refit as well, and we'll support them in their work. In exceptional cases you can do the installation yourself, but you'll need experience in doing work like this, and we'll do a full commissioning after installation.

Partners that use our electric motor in their tenders


Find the electric motor for your tender

We're happy to help you find the best electric propulsion system for your needs.

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